How do I build a tennis court?

So you are thinking of building a tennis court? First thing you should consider is how much land do you have. The minimum size for a tennis court is 15 x 30 metres this will give you two metres from the double side line to the fence and three metres from the back line to the fence.

Council approval is usually necessary so you should check with council their requirements as regards set backs and land use ratio.

The court ideally should run north/south although it is not the end of the world if it is necessary to run the court east/west.

Tennis Court Excavation

All grass and topsoil should be removed from the court platform and excavated area compacted to determine if there are any ‘soft spots’ which will need to be dug out and recompacted. The fall on the court needs to be 1%. This is approximately a 300mm fall from one end of the court to the other. The fall can be diagonal, lengthways or a cross fall. It must never be on the same plane.


This can be either concrete, asphalt or compacted road base.

Tennis Court Fence

This needs to be usually 3.6 metres high and for aesthetics the posts are powder coated black and the wire black PVC coated.


Usually 4 lights are required. These sit on 6 metre poles.

Tennis Court Surface Choice

You have a choice of Tru-flex which is a sand filled acrylic emulsion applied with a squeegee or Pacific Grass which is a 19mm polyethylene which is applied to the court much the same as carpet.

You will then require net posts and net.


Usually schools and councils try to optimize as much as possible the use of having multi line marking on the one court area.

How do I build a tennis court?

This eliminates the costly exercise of having a concrete or bitumen base for individual sport. The courts can be line marked for tennis, netball, basketball, volleyball, badminton and futsal. The line marking for these individual sports is relatively inexpensive.

The line marking is obviously done in different colours and is usually a standard colour ie tennis white, basketball yellow, netball red, volleyball blue, the only thing you need to worry about is the posts and these will need to be removable.

Basketball posts however are fixed. Netball, badminton, volleyball go into the same sleeves usually a hinge cap cover is also supplied so that when the posts are removed the hinge cap sits flush with the surface.

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